Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are spiritual tools that are used to help receive and interpret messages from the Universe.

Each card contains a unique message and can be used singly or together in multi-card readings to build upon each other to provide a more detailed reading.

During a reading, I will connect with you energetically and intuitively choose an oracle card deck to work with.

I will then pull oracle cards for a personalized reading. A typical reading will consist of 3-5 cards.

You can ask a specific question or ask about an area of your life (love, career, finances, family, etc.) for which you would like guidance. You can get support around a certain situation or just see what the Universe wants you to know!

Oracle Card Readings are done remotely via email, which includes a photo of the cards along with notes and intuitive insights on the reading.


Here’s what people had to say about Oracle Card readings:

This is SO beautiful and affirming! I could feel your light and energy this evening helping me cut through the “fog”.

Debra A.

Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and for being my core connection to the universe. I appreciate it with loving gratefulness our connection, and to have the opportunity of working with you to find my better self. Thank you so much.

Xolyanetzy G.

Thank you Janet, this is very helpful and accurate!

Thanks for all your help! You are gifted. 

Sonya Z.

“My oracle card session with Janet was so comforting. It’s been a tough few weeks and I really needed some reassurance that life would indeed move forward. This wasn’t sugar-coated, but information delivered with grace and kindness. Thank you Janet – I appreciate you very much!”

Melissa C

“Janet is pure magic! I love her energy. She brought me to tears yesterday with the card she pulled for me and her interpretation and love. Xo”

Marisa M.

“Janet is amazing! She has a calm soothing voice and makes you feel at ease right away. I left the call feeling empowered and supported. I would highly recommend Janet’s guidance to anyone who needs help and insight from their angels! Thank you!!”

Sharon L.

“Janet is so kind, loving and giving.”

Karen f.

“You’ve given me such great hope about shedding the agoraphobia and about exciting new changes. I’m grateful and feel like I’ve got a spring in my step thinking of all the possibilities. Thank you!!!”

Kim s.