Do I need to prepare for my session?

There is nothing special you need to do before your energy healing session, other than arriving with a clear intention and willingness to heal. Comfortable clothes are recommended and you may want to wear shoes that are easy to slip in and out of.

How long is a session?

Most sessions last about an hour.

What should I expect during my session?

If this is your first session, we will begin with a discussion of your history and your reasons for wanting energy healing. We will also address any questions, concerns or special goals you may have. There will be a form for you to fill out as well. Subsequent sessions begin with a short chat about any concerns or goals that may have changed since your last visit.

Following the discussion, if this is an in person session, you will will lay down, fully clothed, covered by a blanket for comfort. I will connect with you energetically and place my hands gently in various places on your head and torso. I may also work with my hands over you, without direct touch. You may feel hot, cold, or tingly in the area around my hands. You may see colours or pictures. You may feel or see nothing at all. There is no right or wrong way to experience an energy healing session.

After the session, I will share with you what I experienced during the session, answer any questions you may have, and give you any recommendations for homework that I think could benefit you.

For distance healing sessions, please see below.

What can I expect after my session?

In the hours and days to follow your session, you can expect to feel relaxed, calm and more energetic. You may also release negative emotions and toxins, which may cause some unpleasantness, but this is a necessary part of healing and is temporary. Please be sure to drink plenty of water the day of your session and try to have a restful day and evening.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone heals at different rates, depending on the person and the reason they are seeking healing. In any case, regular sessions are recommended, whether weekly for more chronic/acute cases or monthly for maintaining health or anywhere in between. The number of sessions you will need also varies from person to person. A recommendation for a treatment plan will be discussed after your initial session.

Can I do energy healing if I am under medical care?

Absolutely! Energy healing works together with all forms of health care and can help reduce the need for allopathic medical care and medication.

Is energy healing covered by my benefits?

Probably not. There are a few plans that do cover it but not many. Check with your provider and/or ask if your employer has a healthcare spending account which you can use to fund your energy healing treatments.

Can I work with Janet if I don’t live locally?

Absolutely! One of the best things about energy healing is that energy transcends time and space, meaning that you do not need to be physically present for me to connect with your energy field to achieve the same results. This means we can still work together even if you’re not local. In fact, Janet has worked with clients across Canada, in the USA, as well as England and Brazil. There are truly no physical boundaries when working with energy.

Although we are not together during the session, we recommend that you make an appointment and use that time to relax and be still as you would during an in-person session. Distance sessions usually take place via Zoom but other options such as email are available.

What’s the difference between the types of energy healing?

All methods of energy healing essentially do the same thing, which is to promote healing by working with a person’s energy field. There are dozens of ways of doing this, just as there are dozens of different recipes for chocolate chip cookies that, in the end, all produce a chocolate chip cookie. Some methods of energy healing resonate more with certain people, just as some people have favourite cookie recipes. Some methods of energy healing are more powerful and do deeper work and are recommended and/or preferred according to personal preference and situation. Janet has learned nearly 20 different kinds of energy healing techniques, which she blends together with her mediumship skills to create uniquely powerful healing conditions.