Soulpreneur Experiences

Soulpreneur – an entrepreneur who is guided by their soul. Heart-centered, intuitive, and experiencing the world as a sparkly, energetic being.

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Are you a soul led entrepreneur who feels: 

  • stuck, held back, or blocked
  • unworthy of success
  • lacking in confidence
  • unsure if you’re cut out to even be an entrepreneur, and wondering if you should maybe call it quits on this business dream of yours
  • disappointed in the lack of results you’re seeing in your business

You know that you don’t need more systems, how-to’s, or funnels and you’re not really sure what you do need, but you have a hunch that this knowledge is somewhere inside you already.

Janet helped me feel empowered. More aware. But most importantly (at least to me) comfortable and at ease. Janet is warm, friendly and easy to talk to.

Natalie K.
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You Are Your Business.

If you’re not in flow, neither is your business.

You’re ready to:

  • feel heard
  • pour everything into the right-for-you things to move your life and business forward
  • dive deep into self reflection so that you can uncover your blocks and find those missing pieces that have been keeping you from moving forward
  • feel hopeful and optimistic about your future and the future of your business
  • feel supported and cared for on a whole new level

Janet made me feel supported and heard.

Katrein R.

Awaken and Rise

Together we will:

  • raise awareness of any blocks and limiting beliefs you might have and learn to release them
  • create a comfortable, friendly, open space to learn and grow
  • give you and your business the attention you both deserve, through weekly energy healing sessions, personalized intuitive messages from Spirit, and ongoing authentic support

Working with Janet felt very authentic and reassuring.

– Anja S.

Say Hello to Flow

If you’ve ever struggled with:

  • money mindset
  • self worth and self confidence
  • lack of creativity and flow
  • lack of energy
  • lack of mental clarity
  • feeling uninspired
  • feeling drained and exhausted
  • having no motivation to do what needs to be done

then you are not listening to your soul.

Once you clear away what’s holding you back and trust your inner knowing, you will be able to live and work in alignment with your soul and discover the flow, ease, and clarity that have eluded you in the past.

It’s time to give yourself permission to put you and your business first.

Soulpreneur Rising

A 12-week private coaching + healing experience to rise into your full potential as a soulpreneur.


Included in our time together are:

  • 6 Angel Healing sessions
  • 6 Reiki sessions
  • 12 live coaching sessions
  • 12 intuitive messages from Spirit
  • connection via email
  • authentic and loving support, guidance, and encouragement
Your commitment to yourself and your business:
approximately 2 hours/week
Your investment in yourself and your business:


Soulpreneur Intensive

A day of 1:1 coaching + healing for soulpreneurs to awaken and rise into your full potential – now!

Included in your day is:

  • Angel Healing session
  • Breakthrough coaching session
  • Soul Remembering session
  • Oracle card reading
  • personalized affirmations
  • determining your Core Desired Feelings
  • love, support, guidance, and encouragement
Your commitment to yourself and your business:
5 hours

Your investment in yourself and your business:


Soulpreneur Awakening

A 12-week semi-private coaching + healing experience to awaken your full potential as a soulpreneur.


  • live online learning
  • mindset and mindfulness tips, teachings, and techniques
  • weekly 1:1 reiki or Angel Healing sessions
  • weekly personalized intuitive messages
  • worksheets and exercises
  • connection with like-minded and like-hearted soulpreneurs in a private Facebook group
  • authentic and loving support, guidance, and encouragement

Starts January 18, 2021

Your commitment to yourself and your business:
approximately 2 hours/week

Your investment in yourself and your business:


Working with Janet has been amazing. She has incredible gifts and knowledge that I received full benefit of when working with her. Knowing that Janet wants the best for you and is able to support you by including your guides, angels and the power of reiki is phenomenal. I was feeling stuck and unmotivated and unsure if I was on the right path in my business. During the weekly healing and guidance I have found the spark that I had lost. I am forever grateful for this course and the chance to work with Janet. I highly recommend Janet’s services, coaching and healings to anyone that wishes to be supported from the inside out, in their business.

Anja S.

Me Before: head down, blinders on, just getting through my days, hoping for a program/technique/process to make my business successful.

Me Now: No longer hiding or following the crowd and the “experts”. I am finally feeling free to follow my intuition and manifest a business that supports who I am.

Over the course of the 12 weeks, each step felt like another small shift was happening for me. The weekly energy healing/alignments were incredibly supportive and helpful to allow for any blocks that came up in relation to the week’s topic to be healed before the next topic, and after 6 sessions I was able to achieve consistent alignment – there wasn’t always something needing to be fixed.

Every weekly topic was thoughtful and I loved the weekly messages from spirit/card pulls.

Working with Janet made me feel supported and heard. Her techniques and experience helped me to let go and just experience this program so I could get out of it exactly what I needed.

If you are ready to find out why you are getting stuck in creating a business that truly supports who you are and what you want, with no expectations of HOW that will show up – if you are ready to FINALLY trust the process, this is the program for you.

Katrein R.

I went into this program unsure of myself and my ability to even start a business, but left feeling much more empowered as an entrepreneur. Janet’s warm and friendly manner, combined with her passion for what she does, allowed me to feel at ease alongside “real” business owners. The wisdom offered and messages shared always resonated so deeply, helping me uncover and address a number of barriers to my confidence and freedom. This program is about so much more than just business blocks, it’s about gaining the tools to step more fully into yourself and your authentic life. Thank you Janet for such a timely and uplifting experience!

Natalie K.

Janet is passionate about helping heart-centered solopreneurs who are feeling stuck in their business but don’t need more systems or how to’s – they just need to use what they already know and have within them to create success.

Janet combines energy clearing techniques, mindfulness practices, and mindset teachings to create a uniquely supportive and inspiring environment where you can learn to trust your inner knowing so that you can be a successful and abundant soulpreneur and create the life and business of your dreams.