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ABCs of Joy – A is for Appreciation, ABBA, and Alphabet Soup.

The goal of this 26 day challenge is to bring more joy into our lives. This, in turn, helps us bring more abundance and success into our lives. Each day we’ll get creative with finding things that “spark joy” (as Marie Kondo would say) that start with a letter of the alphabet.

Today I challenge you to tell at least one person that you appreciate them – preferably in real life so you can see them smile 😄

Other things you can do to bring more joy into your life today: 
• listen to ABBA. Or, better yet, dance to ABBA!
• eat alphabet soup and spell words with the noodle letters. Better yet, enjoy it with someone and play a game to see who can spell more/better words.

What are your ideas?

Life is full of joy. You just have to let it in 🌈

ps – be sure to watch for the daily live video!