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ABCs of Joy – C is for Celebration, Colour, and Chocolate.

Today’s joy challenge is to celebrate, preferably yourself but anything or anyone is great, too. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate, just do it!

Other joyful C things:
♡ Chocolate. Because who doesn’t ove chocolate?! 🍫
♡ Colour. It’s an easy way to boost your mood! Add colour to your clothes, accessories, your home, and your surroundings.

🌈The goal of this 26 day challenge is to bring more joy into our daily lives. This, in turn, helps bring us more abundance and success. Each day of the challenge we’ll get creative with finding things that inspire joy that start with a letter of the alphabet. There will be a live video every day so be sure to watch!

ps – did you know that this month I’m offering free 30-minute online Inspire Joy! coaching sessions?