Reiki and Angel Healing

Reiki and Angel Healing energy healing sessions deliver everything you need in a gentle and loving way.

Maybe you have stress or physical discomfort.
Maybe you’re healing from an illness or surgery.
Maybe you’re going through a major life transition (birth, death, kids moving out, divorce, etc).
Maybe you’re a caregiver.
Maybe you are tired all the time or feel imbalanced.
Maybe you could just do with a boost and some extra love.

Whether you feel sad or anxious, received a troubling diagnosis, are going through a rough patch, or you want to add to your self care routine, energy healing techniques like reiki and angel healing can help.


“Rei” means “Universal energy” and “Ki” means “personal energy”. Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique used to restore and balance your energy. It is gentle, relaxing, and helps to soothe the body, mind, and soul as we relieve and revitalize all the major chakras (energy centres) as well as all of the major structures, organs, and functions within the body.

Angel Healing

During an Angel Healing session, I work together with your angels and spirit guides to help you balance and release on a deeper level. Together, we can remove blockages, restructure old patterns, and realign your energy centres (chakras). We may also find energetic causes of physical, emotional, and mental ailments and issues and work to relieve them. Sometimes issues with past lives or entities need to be resolved as well. 

It is not unusual for me to receive affirmations and messages from Spirit for you during a session.

Why Choose Energy Healing?

Often, we live in a state of “keeping it all together” so that we can function day to day. Unfortunately, this means that we lose the ability to let go of the stress, worry, and overwhelm even when we want to. Letting go is crucial to letting ourselves heal and process the emotions and past experiences that we carry around with us. Letting go also creates space for new beliefs and habits to take hold.

Reiki and Angel Healing both create profound healing at a soul level and enable great shifts toward the harmony and health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Following a Healing session, you might feel:

  • Rejuvenated
  • Energetic
  • Relaxed
  • Physically comfortable
  • Clear-headed
  • Focused
  • Grounded
  • Light
  • Balanced

Reiki and Angel Energy Healing can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve physical discomfort
  • Reduce tiredness
  • Balance of body-mind-spirit
  • Improve illness, disease, or distress
  • Clear old patterns and behaviours
  • And more…

All Reiki sessions currently take place online via Zoom video conference. Because energy transcends time and space, I can connect with you regardless of where we each are located.


Angel Energy Healing sessions take place online via Zoom video conference. Because energy transcends time and space, I can connect with you regardless of where we each are located.



Here’s what people had to say about their Reiki and Angel Healing sessions:

“I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I was very impressed by your intuition and your recommendations were very helpful and shockingly accurate. I immediately felt comfortable in your presence. I went into the session feeling an enormous amount of anxiety mainly because of the very recent death of a young friend but also due to other life events that had all built up. During the session, I think I could almost pinpoint which chakra you were working on because I felt different things in different areas of my body, sometimes I felt heat and at one point I felt like I had a brick in my chest. Your guidance helped me sort out exactly what I needed to work on in order to relieve some of my anxiety. I felt immediately relieved. Over the last few weeks I have been making some great changes in my life based on your recommendations. If my anxiety comes back at all, I refer back to the summary email you sent to me and remind myself of what I need to work on. I was very impressed with your professionalism, punctuality and summary email. Thanks kindly for everything you have done for me, I am so very appreciative. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family.”

Jodie C.

“Thank you so much for a beautiful healing. It was very insightful and just what I needed. Looking forward to working with you in the future.” 

Rachel R.

“Session was relaxing, informative and definitely felt each chakra where you were working. The meaning of what you saw with each chakra I found valuable. Some I have heard before and some new. I felt lighter after the session and definitely felt where you were working. No emotional impact. Good to have reinforcement and a renewed push to work on myself more.”

Gary H.

“I loved working with Janet. She was so warm and inviting and I felt instantly comfortable. I felt so safe and really enjoyed the feedback she gave me on what she saw and felt.”

Anja S.

“Just WOW. I had an Angel healing with Janet today and she was so spot on! She cleared out my throat chakra and my sacral chakra and helped to ground me. I felt so much more relaxed after the session. There was even a past life issue that came up, but I am all clear now! I felt so energized for the rest of the day. Such a lovely experience with a lovely lady.”

Jesse M.

“Wow! Just had an Angel Healing Session with Janet and it was amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I went through a myriad of emotions during the session and came out feeling calm, connected and deeply grounded. The chakra clearing was such a beautiful experience; I’ve felt a shift in my energy right away. It meant the world to me that my Dad – who passed when I was a child – was with us during our session and wanted to connect with me. His message was exactly I needed to hear. I highly recommend Janet’s support to anyone who desires to heal on a deeper level. Thank you, Janet!!”

Livia K.

“My angel healing session today with Janet really blew my mind! I instantly connected to Janet’s warmth and felt completely relaxed and in safe hands right from the start. I felt amazing energy during the session via Zoom as soon as we got started, there was so much heat in my chest, lower chakras and my hands. During the session words popped up in my head, like ‘surrender’ which Janet repeated back to me during her feedback. I feel so much lighter and more positive after the session, and look forward to more sessions with Janet in the future!”

Debbie S.

“Janet Sandberg from Blue Dragonfly the bad ass energy healer rocks! She worked her magic yesterday for me, I literally feel 5 lbs lighter. My whole being is light, energized and balanced. It had been 2 ish years since I had energy work I was long over due and knew it. Thank you! I feel like me again 

Victoria B.

“I had an angel healing session with Janet this morning and it was amazing! I was feeling very off and in a grumpy/low kind of mood and by the end of it my mood completely turned around and I am feeling so much lighter and happier!! Janet was able to pick up on a lot of issues I seemed to be having, both energetic and physical and helped to clear them. As she was working I could feel my energy becoming brighter and brighter. To me it felt like she was peeling back layers of energetic gunk. Our connection was strong as she worked, and I could feel her working throughout my body, and when she gave me her rundown after the healing it correlated with everything I felt during. On my end there was lots of yawning and feeling very relaxed. All in all it was an amazing experience and I would recommend anyone who is feeling called to have a session with Janet. Her energy is lovely, she’s easy to talk to and its clear to me how connected, supportive and talented she is!”

Carrie L.