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ABCs of Joy – V is for Vanilla, Vegetables, and Vision Boards.

Today’s joy challenge is to find something that smells vanilla-y. Food, candles, incense, whatever. We’ve talked a lot about visual stimulation for joy but it can come from all the senses, like smell!

Other joyful V things:
♡ Vegetables. Stimulate your taste buds, too! Also, vegetables are colourful and nutritious. Get creative with them and nourish your body and mind at the same time.
♡ Vision Boards. This is a collage that you can make that includes words and pictures of all of the dreams and visions you have for your life. Put it somewhere you can see it every day to remind you of the amazing things you are manifesting.

Do you have a vision board?

If you have questions about them, ask away! If you’d like help bringing those dreams to reality, I may have room in my next small group intuitive coaching program and for a few private intuitive coaching clients. Contact me to find out!

🌈The goal of this 26 day challenge is to bring more joy into our daily lives. This, in turn, helps bring us more abundance and success. Each day of the challenge we’ll get creative with finding things that inspire joy that start with a letter of the alphabet. There will be a live video every day so be sure to watch!

ps – did you know that this month I’m offering free 30-minute online Inspire Joy! coaching sessions? Booking link in bio.