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ABCs of Joy – S is for Smiles, Singing, and Sunshine.

Today’s joy challenge is to smile. Even if you start by forcing a smile, you’ll find that they come much more easily afterwards. If that sounds weird, ask someone to send you jokes or memes to get you smiling.

Other joyful S things:
♡ Singing. You don’t have to be good at it – just do it! If you don’t want to sing in front of others, put on your favourite song in the car and sing away where no one can hear you. Singing is a great way to open the throat chakra as well.

By the way, what is your favourite song?

♡ Sunshine. Go outside and get some sun! The light will bring you joy as well as some much needed vitamin D ☀️

🌈The goal of this 26 day challenge is to bring more joy into our daily lives. This, in turn, helps bring us more abundance and success. Each day of the challenge we’ll get creative with finding things that inspire joy that start with a letter of the alphabet. There will be a live video every day so be sure to watch!

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